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Becoming a Paramedic

Start your Paramedic training with HeartSafe EMS Paramedic Training Ltd. - The Primary Care Paramedic Course builds on top of your existing knowledge; entry into the PCP Program requires proof of completion of an approved Emergency Medical Responder (preferred) or Occupational First Aid Level 3 course. If you are interested in these courses, please consider our sister company, HeartSafe EMS Ltd at

The HeartSafe EMS Paramedic Training Ltd. PCP course is recognized by Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Board (Province of BC) and registered with the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and we are actively seeking their national accreditation.

We are registered with the Private Career Training Institutions Agency (PCTIA) in BC - Registration #3876.

Career / Jobs

The BC Ambulance Service hires both part-time and full-time Paramedics in BC, and the Alberta Health Services does the same in Alberta.

As a Primary Care Paramedic, you’ll also find your skills in demand by air ambulance and fire protection services around the province and Western Canada. You’ll also find job opportunities in the military, at mine sites, and at industrial manufacturing, milling and processing sites.

There is currently a major demand for Paramedics as Industrial Medics in the oil and gas sector in both BC and Alberta.

We can help you with the search for employment in this booming industry. Check out the listing we have assembled for you. Want more details about these companies? Give us a call.

PCP Course Prerequisites

All applicants applying for the PCP program must meet the following criteria and include all of the following in their registration package:

  • Minimum of 17 years of age (19 years suggested). Photocopy of Government issued ID with picture (Driver’s License or Passport preferred)
  • Copy of prospective student’s resume
  • Completed HeartSafe EMS PCP Course application form
  • Completed PCTIA Student Contract and Application Fee form
  • High school or post secondary diploma or equivalent (photocopy)
  • Copy of OFA 3 or EMR (preferred) Certificate (photocopy); If an Applicant does not have a current OFA 3 or EMR certificate, he or she can be considered for enrollment on the basis of a previous PCP or ACP certificate / License and a minimum of 5 years of actual Ambulance experience
  • Current criminal record check
  • Current BCEHS employees may use their current criminal record check (please provide copy).
  • Immunization record (photocopy)
  • Current CPR C / AED Certificate (photocopy)
  • Copies of the Confidential Letter of Recommendation (x2)
  • Completed Paramedic Statement of Fitness

This program is a rigorous and comprehensive course of full-time study. The academic demands will be considerable and motivation for a health care career is important for success. The student should have unquestioned integrity, be emotionally mature, and capable of dealing with patients and the demands of an emergency care provider. Study time over and above what is done in class is estimated at 2 hours/night.

All Applications are subject to approval and acceptance by HeartSafe EMS Paramedic Training Ltd. An in-person interview may be requested, before the applicant is approved for entry into the course of Instruction, at the sole discretion of HeartSafe EMS Paramedic Training Ltd.

Why Should I Take the PCP Course with HeartSafe?

  • Can apply directly to the BC Ambulance Service for employment once all of the requirements are completed
  • Course will always run with 10 or more students
  • The most up to date program that meets all the required National Occupational Competency Profiles (NOCP) as published by the Paramedic Association of Canada (PAC)
  • Written by a long-term BCAS ACP / ITT Paramedic – Mike Billingham (Creative Paramedical Education founder)
  • All Instructors licensed as PCP Paramedics (minimum) with extensive practical pre-hospital experience
  • Course recognized and approved by EMA Licensing of BC
  • Course recognized and approved by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency (PCTIA). PCTIA Registration #3876
  • Application for Accreditation from the Canadian Medical Association pending

What Agency Licenses Paramedics in BC?

The Emergency Medical Assistants (EMA) Licensing Board, Province of BC is responsible for examining, registering and licensing all emergency medical assistants (EMAs) in B.C., including first responders.

HeartSafe EMS Paramedic Training Ltd. will issue a PCP certificate once a student has successfully completed the course having met all of the requirements including the on-car Preceptoring and required clinical days.

HeartSafe EMS will, once the student has successfully completed the requirements as noted above, send a copy of the student’s PCP certificate to EMA Licensing and then the student can apply to write the national COPR written exam, arranged through EMA Licensing, at the PCP level. Current fees to write the COPR exam are levied by EMA Licensing and are shown on their website.

On successful completion of this exam and any other Licensing requirements, students will be issued a PCP License from EMA Licensing, Province of BC.

Students must complete the EMA Licensing exam within 12 months of the issue date of the PCP certificate from HeartSafe EMS Paramedic Training Ltd.


Transferring a BC EMA License to Alberta

Generally the provincial and private / industrial Ambulance services in Alberta require Paramedics to be licensed through the Alberta College of Paramedics (ACP).

A licensed BC Paramedic can apply to ACP for an Alberta license without exam but the Alberta license may be ‘restricted’ due to differences in the PCP Course protocols taught in BC and Alberta. Application, jurisprudence and annual fees payable to ACP will apply. See a summary of current costs (may not be inclusive) on the Summary of Fees / Costs drop down menu.

Some training agencies in Alberta may offer ‘Restriction Removal’ training, which will assist the BC licensed Paramedic to get an unrestricted Alberta PCP license at the PCP (EMT-A) level. No additional exam with ACP need be taken on successful completion of the Restriction Removal’ modules. This program will involve the completion of online modules based on the restrictions that need to be removed (different for students from different jurisdictions), online written tests and a practical ‘hands-on’ session with the offering training Agency. Application, jurisprudence and annual fees payable to ACP will apply.

The private training agencies in Alberta will also charge a fee for this ‘Restriction Removal’ training.

Annual Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits are required in both BC and Alberta. Minimum annual Patient contacts are required in BC.

Alberta College of Paramedics:

Restriction Removal in AB ESA Canada Elliott Davis

Preceptoring / Clinical Days

After completion of the PCP course with HeartSafe EMS Paramedic Training Ltd. in the classroom, students will be required to complete their on-Ambulance preceptoring with an assigned (by BCAS) Preceptor. Students will be expected to show the required number of competencies for each competency area as outlined by the Paramedic Association of Canada (PAC) in the National Occupational Competency Profile (NOCP) at the PCP Level.

Competencies will be tracked with an online competency tracking system (CompTracker), which will be available to the student, Preceptor, and overseen by HeartSafe EMS Paramedic Training Ltd. staff.

Preceptors are assigned by BCAS and students may be assigned to more than one Preceptor and this preceptoring may be in a geographic area other than where the student took the course and/or in their hometown. Students must be prepared to travel to complete their preceptoring and/or clinical (in hospital) days/shifts.

Students will be required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement with BCAS (available through HeartSafe EMS Paramedic Training Ltd.) before doing their preceptoring.

Summary of Fees / Costs

  • PCP course tuition $6400.00
  • Currently offering a $1000.00 tuition scholarship to promote Paramedic training / employment in BC with BCEHS
  • Registration (Application) Fee $85.00
  • PCP Course Textbook $450.00
  • Competency Assessment Fee $500.00

Fees Not Included in the Costs Noted Above

  • Cost of any prerequisites: WorkSafe BC Occupational First Aid (OFA) Level 3 or Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) course. Required CPR certification. These courses may be taken through our sister company HeartSafe Emergency Medical Solutions Ltd.
  • Uniforms Purchase (approx.) $500.00 – clean uniform required each day of classroom and clinical / preceptoring days. Suggested one pair boots, 2 pairs of pants and up to 5 uniform shirts – not paid to HeartSafe EMS Paramedic Training Ltd. Current BCEHS employees may use their issue uniform in class.
  • Fees (if any) for Criminal Record check, immunization records or other prerequisites (see list above) – not paid to HeartSafe EMS Paramedic Training Ltd. Current BCEHS employees may use their current criminal record check (please provide copy).
  • Travel/accommodation/meals for preceptoring and/or clinical days (if travel required).
  • EMA Licensing, Province of BC fees for national COPR written exams leading to Licensing in BC
  • Annual maintenance of Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits and CPR Certification

Alberta Paramedic Certification

As a BC Licensed Paramedic you may apply for a License from the Alberta College of Paramedics (ACP) as well. This may be a ‘Restricted’ License based on the protocol differences between BC and AB.

There are companies in AB that offer ‘Restriction Removal’ courses which usually involve online study modules and a one-day ‘hands-on’ practical session in AB. Once successfully completed the company will send a letter to ACP stating that the student has completed the necessary requirements and ACP should then issue a full AB License without further examination. Application / registration/ Jurisprudence fees will apply.

Restriction removal course offerings: EAS Canada

Alberta College of Paramedics (ACP)

Alberta College of Paramedics fees are payable only if registration is sought as a Paramedic in Alberta and are subject to change without notice

  • Application / Annual Registration Fee $525.00
  • Labour Mobility Fee $100.00
  • Written and Practical Exam fees (EMT = PCP) $900.00. Only offered in Alberta with limited dates available
  • Jurisprudence exam fees (if required) $100

All course / Licensing/ Application fees etc. are current as of July 2016. Subject to change at any time and without notice by the company/agency as noted above.

HeartSafe EMS Paramedic Training Ltd. recommends, if you are interested in a Paramedic license for both BC and Alberta, the following course of action.

  • Complete the HeartSafe EMS Paramedic Training Ltd. combined WorkSafe BC OFA Level 3 / EMR course over three weeks.
  • Complete the HeartSafe EMS Paramedic Training Ltd. PCP course and do the EMA Licensing exams at the PCP Level in BC.
  • Apply for a Paramedic License through ACP
  • Complete the Restriction Removal course through an Agency/Company in AB
  • Work in either BC or AB!


air ambulance
tending a patient on the ground
paramedic team in front of ambulance
Course Dates

Victoria (2018)

January 8th 2018 to April 6th 2018

Vancouver (2018)

Starting January 2018

Sparwood (Part-time 2017)

Sept 15th 2017 to June 2018

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*Course dates do not include Clinical and on-Ambulance Preceptoring Days